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A web page dedicated to our petty news and views

About us

So a homepage dedicated to us huh?!

Well as many of you know now Kathy and I have just had a little baby... Lucy was born on 4 January 1999 and we're just over the moon about it.

We've been living in Holland now for many years, It was originally supposed to be just 2 ...but hey that led to 4 and before we knew it... We still plan to leave and go to New Zealand (Kathy is a kiwi) one day.

I'm still working at the European Patent Office as an Examiner in the technical field of "Motorbikes and Bicycles".
Although Kathy no longer works for UNPO she is keeping an avid interest in World Affairs and Human Rights in particular.

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-this picture of us was used in Lucy's birth announcement card

Me and Lucy

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